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ADVANO is powering people’s lives with advanced battery technology. Founded in 2016, ADVANO has developed a next-generation silicon technology for Lithium-ion batteries. ADVANO utilizes earth-abundant raw materials and a sustainable and scalable manufacturing process to create high-performance silicon anode materials. Located in New Orleans, LA, ADVANO is committed to accelerating American clean energy manufacturing. With ADVANO’s REALSi™ technology, electric vehicles can drive further, consumer electronics can last longer, and the US can enable the electrification of everything.
At Audubon Bioscience, our goal is to support cutting-edge cancer and precision medicine research to find new life-saving diagnostics and treatments. Quality biospecimens and their data are a critical part of achieving this goal, which is why we focus so much of our efforts on processes that ensure their viability and usability. Meeting our customers’ needs is the other critical component. By listening to and working extensively with each researcher, large or small, we ensure that you receive the right samples for your project at the right time.
Autoimmune Technologies, LLC, a biomedical company, develops medical diagnostic tests, explores disease mechanisms, and investigates therapies.
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AxoSim is an operator of a biomimetic neuroscience discovery platform used to develop a 3D cell-based platform that looks and acts like a real nerve. The company empowers advancements in human neuroscience and accelerates the drug development process through its drug discovery platforms, NerveSim and BrainSim. AxoSim was founded in 2014 and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Better Day™ is a web-based software platform that uses predictive modeling and 3rd-party applications & devices to turn data into action and, in doing so, actively facilitate patient-provider collaboration in order to proactively manage health, fitness & chronic disease. Better Day™ is focused on providing a first-of-breed ‘smart’ electronic health record (EHR) platform to facilitate the highest quality of care in a highly-complex healthcare system.
Bhoomi means “Mother Earth” in Sanskrit. Our mission it to re-navigate the story of sugarcane by partnering with minority sugarcane farmers in the US to make delicious Ayurvedic botanicals infused cane water beverages that are world friendly and mother earth approved.
BioAesthetics is focused on transforming lives through advancements in biomaterials. The company has developed NACgraft – an acellular biologic graft for regeneration of the nipple-areolar complex for mastectomy patients, which it expects to enter the clinic in 2020. The company is developing additional products for reconstructive procedures.
Bioceptive's mission is to improve the well being of women and families across the globe, regardless of location, education, and socioeconomic status. We do this through creative innovation, product excellence though thoughtful design, and always putting the needs and wellbeing of the patient first, so our work will ultimately improve lives.
Bioinfoexperts, LLC provides biological analysis services and software development to private businesses and academia. We are especially devoted to medical researchers who require a bioinformatics core with individuals to assist in experimental design, data analysis and the interpretation of results for publications and grant development. Our clients include The University of California at San Francisco, The University of Florida, The National Institutes of Health, The University of Massachusetts Medical School and Johns Hopkins University. We can provide analytical assistance for small and large jobs and enjoy long-term working relationships. We will rapidly move you from the data collection stage to publication quality results.
Bloomlife is a women's health company dedicated to improving the health of moms and babies. We offer the first clinically validated wearable that tracks important health information of mom and baby from conception to birth to reassure and empower confident decisions. With the most advanced combination of technology, data science and medical expertise, coupled with the total dedication to making a meaningful difference in prenatal outcomes, we help women get answers they can trust.
Cadex Genomics develops molecular diagnostic tests to guide cancer treatment using liquid-based technology to provide personalized insight into the therapy response. By combining proven approaches to measuring DNA with cutting-edge technology to improve accuracy and sensitivity Cadex Genomics provides unique insight into therapy response using simple blood draws.
Chosen Diagnostics aims to improve health care delivery for patients by personalizing their treatment. Initially the company is focused on developing two novel biomarker diagnostic kits: one for a common gastrointestinal disease in premature infants and a second to assess how likely a patient is to respond to certain drug treatments.