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Advano's silicon nanoparticles dramatically increase the energy density lithium-ion batteries 30-40% without sacrificing battery life or increasing the battery cost. Better batteries for ioT, consumer electronics, and EVs.

Audubon Bioscience is an innovative Biobank and CRO that provides cutting-edge biomedical research services: biosamples, their clinical data, lab tests and other related services to scientists. Our main customers are scientists (research institutes and pharmaceutical companies) that work on research and development of new diagnostics and treatments in the field of Precision Medicine, primarily Cancer Research. Audubon aims to support scientifically and ethically sound biomedical research and contribute to the better health and wellbeing of people throughout the world. Audubon's mission is "To see a world where cancer could be early detected and effectively treated!"

Autoimmune Technologies develops medical diagnostic tests and biomedical pharmaceutical products.

AxoSim is an operator of a biomimetic neuroscience discovery platform used to develop a 3D cell-based platform that looks and acts like a real nerve. The company empowers advancements in human neuroscience and accelerates the drug development process through its drug discovery platforms, NerveSim and BrainSim. AxoSim was founded in 2014 and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Better Day is a web-based software platform that uses predictive modeling and 3rd-party applications & devices to turn data into action and, in doing so, actively facilitate patient-provider collaboration in order to proactively manage health, fitness & chronic disease. Better Day is focused on providing a first-of-breed ‘smart’ electronic health record (EHR) platform to facilitate the highest quality of care in a highly-complex healthcare system.

Bhoomi Cane Water is a beverage company that offers cold-pressed cane water for hydration, immunity, and recovery support. Its beverages are nourishing, refreshing, and deliciously hydrating refreshments with holistic properties for the supply of complex carbohydrates to boost energy, enabling consumers to drink a functional beverage that is healthy, raw, unaltered, and uncompromised on taste. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

BioAesthetics was founded in 2015 as a Tulane University spin-out with the mission to improve reconstruction options for breast cancer patients after they undergo mastectomies. The BioAesthetics’ initial product is a tissue-engineered nipple-areolar complex (NAC). This product will be provided to plastic and reconstructive surgeons as an off-the-shelf ready, acellular, NAC graft. During the breast reconstruction phase, after a mastectomy, the surgeon would engraft the NAC graft in position onto the patient’s reconstructed breast. The patient’s body would then use this NAC graft as a building frame to regenerate their own NAC. This patent-pending product is currently in the pre-clinical phase.

Bioceptive is a women’s health company currently developing a patent-pending intrauterine device (IUD) inserter that vastly simplifies the insertion procedure while significantly reducing the adverse events inherent with current insertion techniques.

Bioinformatics, Genetic Analysis, Database Design, Software, Research, HIV, Cancer, Immunology, Pathology

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Bloomlife is a women’s health company solving the most significant yet underserved global challenges today in maternal health. We combine connected devices with data analytics to increase access to care, provide personalized feedback to moms, and help doctors earlier predict and manage pregnancy complications. At the center of our solution is a prenatal wearable that tracks critical health parameters of maternal and fetal health. By addressing modifiable risk factors, detecting abnormalities, and predicting adverse events Bloomlife aims to ensure every family gets a healthy start.

Cadex Genomics develops molecular diagnostic assays to guide cancer treatment using liquid-based technology to provide personalized insight into therapy response using simple blood draws. By combining proven approaches to measuring cell-free DNA with cutting edge technology to improve accuracy and sensitivity, Cadex Genomics provides unique insight into therapy response using simple blood draws. Alibrex (TM) is a blood-based assay, developed to help physicians identify patients who are not responding to drug therapy. The assay is optimized to maximize positive predictive value (PPV) and minimize the number of false non-responders.

A biomarker test to diagnose a common and life-threatening bowel disease in preterm infants. It offers more accurate results than current options and allows earlier medical intervention.